BuildRowSetFromString Function

The BuildRowSetFromString function allows you to create a rowset from a string and define the delimiter.



Item Number(s):

%%[ Set @queryparams = BuildRowsetFromString(‘12345,33333,99999’) for @i = 1 to Rowcount(@queryparams) do Set @row = Row(@queryparams, @i) Set @itemNumber = Field(@row,1) ]%% #%%=v(@itemNumber)=%%
%%[ next @i ]%%


Item Number(s): 


Using the string of items numbers in the example above, the BuildRowsetFromString creates a rowset similar to if we performed a LookupOrderedRows in a data extension. Then we used a For Loop to set the @itemNumber as a variable for each of those item numbers in the string. The output shows each of the item numbers in that string.

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