Salesforce Certification Coupon Codes

If you attend a Salesforce Certification Days 1-Day webinar, you can receive a coupon code for a $100 off $200 or $70 discount off of any $200 exams. Since all the Salesforce Certified Marketing Cloud exams are priced at $200, this should bring your exam price down to $130 (plus tax). Tax is $13 for me so it brings the total to $143. To prepare for your Salesforce Marketing Cloud certification, check out one of these study guide to help you prepare and pass your exam:

Salesforce Certification Coupon Codes

The coupon codes below can be used for up to 3 exams. Please let me know in the comments if the codes are working/not working and this page will be updated to reflect current codes.

  • $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ (still works!)
  • $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 (still works!)
  • $100 off $200: AMPSCRIPT.COM
  • $70 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS112020MMK (expires January 31, 2021)
  • $40 off $200: SFAPACCERTDAYS005_2021 (expires October 31, 2021)
  • $40 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS032021NOR
  • $40 off $200: SFLATAMCERTDAYS05_21
  • $70 off $200: SFAPACCERTDAYS0121INAR (expires March 31, 2021)
  • $70 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS012021HNZ (expires March 31, 2021)
  • $70 off $200: SFEMEACERTDAYS012021HNY (expires March 31, 2021)
  • $70 off $200: SFEMEACERTDAYS102020KIU (expired)
  • $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS092020ART (expires December 31, 2020)
  • $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS082020100OF (expires December 31, 2020)
  • $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0620SPKTBZ (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SFAPAC1219CERTDAYS200 (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS2020 (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SFEMEACERTDAYS2020 (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SFLATAMCERTDAYS2020 (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SFCAMERCERTDAY082020SU (expired)
  • $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0520200SP (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SF0619CERTDAYS200 (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SFLATAM719CERTDAYS200 (expired)
  • $70 off $200: SF0719CERTDAYS200 (expired)

Please note that you must sit for your exams by the expiration date.

Focus on Force Coupon Codes

In addition to the study guides linked above, I also recommend Focus On Force as a place to get more in-depth studying for Salesforce certification exams.


    1. Hi all please help I need a coupon code for SF administration certification. I applied already above mentioned code but not working please provide a new code. Thank in advance

  1. Hi,

    I had scheduled the exam for 30 March.but unfortunately the center has been closed till 31st march.
    will new coupons be available so i can use it in case the centers reopen and i can schedule somewhere in may as no dates available throughout April


      1. I have registered on 25 th july and the coupon code has applied this will expires on 31 july
        Now, I want to reschedule my admin exam to Next Month (August 2020).,
        Can i Reschedule Admin Exam to next month does this Valid or not ? AND
        When i Reschedule Admin Exam at that i have again apply this code ? OR
        I can’t reschedule admin exam which has applied coupon code and this code are expire on 31 July that’s why?

  2. SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 code worked for me. Thanks for publishing both reliable and valuable code. Wondering the same code works 3 times or 3 different codes work once?

        1. Hi.. may I ask what are the study materials you use? I’m preparing to take the admin cert.exam and would like to know any helpfut guide to pass the exam. Thanks

  3. Hi Jackson,
    SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 worked perfectly.
    Thanks so much for sharing – I truly appreciate it.
    All the best,

  4. Hello,

    I will be sitting for SFMC Admin certification exam and I read your blog about this certification !! thank you it has been very helpful.
    I used the voucher: SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 and it worked for the exam next week !!

  5. As mentioned in one of the posts above, but not specifically highlighted the details of additional $100 of coupons availability, you can register for FREE webinars by Salesforce in the months of May, June, July and receive a $100 of coupon towards ANY certification exam that costs $200 –

  6. any one has a code which work to book SF certification exam? please share, Thank you

  7. $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 (expires July 31, 2020)

    Worked for me today, and shared with some coworkers taking the exam as well, thanks!

  8. I am planning to appear for the Salesforce Certified Einstein Analytics and Discovery Consultant (SP20). Can I please have the code for the same.


  9. I was not aware of the $100 off coupon code when I took my Sales cloud certification exam on June 26th, 2020:( Is there any way I can get a credit for the same. I would really appreciate that. $200 is quite a large amount during this situation.


  10. $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 (expires July 31, 2020) this code works for me i scheduled the exam in next month still this code works.
    i got the confirmation mail of my exam schedule as well… please confirm as you mentioned it will expire in july..but my exam date will be in august so and it got confirmed so it is fine right….means there will be no issue furter???

  11. This voucher is working for me SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 but the next available exam date is 27th August. Can I register for an exam today for 27th August to get benefits from this voucher?

  12. Hi,

    I need $100 free voucher code for my retake exam of app builder.
    please provide voucher which is valid in Sep or Oct.


  13. Hi Jackson, I am planning to take my exam by 31st Dec 2020 and will be trying one of these coupons you have shared.
    What I am wondering is if I have to reschedule the exam for any reason and push the exam dates to Jan 2021, will these coupons be still applicable since I have already applied them while booking the exam ?

      1. Thanks for replying Jackson :).
        Yeah I thought so too. But you know what I attended a free webinar and the email with the voucher came back says you gotta sit for the exam before the voucher expires. That got me all confused to be honest.

        This is a copy of the message – Please note that you must sit for your exam by the expiration date. Check out the Certification Days FAQs for more details.

        Here are the coupons I received in case anyone wants to use it, they are valid till 31st Jan, 2021 –



  14. Thank you for this! These still work but I would have to take by Dec 31, which is not enough time for me lol.

    Any codes yet for the 2021? Please let me know. 🙂

  15. I want to give my Salesforce Advanced Admin Certification in the month of February 2021.

    Can anyone please share any voucher or coupon.

  16. Hi,
    I am taking the PD 1 exam on 31 Jan 2021.
    Can you please share a valid discount voucher coupon of $100 or more?

  17. NONE OF THE CODES ARE WORKING FOR JAN 2021 FOR SALES CLOUD CERTIFICATION. Can you please share new codes that will work in 2021

  18. hi
    Any one having $100 Salesforce Voucher for January 2021, Looks like all the above codes except one something wrong .

  19. These did not work on Jan 3, 2021

    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 (still works!)
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ (still works!)
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0620SPKTBZ (still works!)
    $100 off $200: AMPSCRIPT.COM

  20. All of these expired, i just tried:

    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS092020ART (expires December 31, 2020)
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS082020100OF (expires December 31, 2020)
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 (still works!)
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ (still works!)
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0620SPKTBZ (still works!)
    $100 off $200: AMPSCRIPT.COM

  21. Hi, None of the $100 vouchers are working, Could you please update codes for 2021? Thanks in advance for providing the voucher codes.

  22. Hi, JACKSON.
    SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 Is ‘Exam schedule Date for Promotion Code Expired.’.
    But, SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ still works.

    Can I get a $200 discount coupon on the webinar?


  23. SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 did not work on 01/11/2021. Seems like it is only valid until Dec 31st 2020. But I have tried SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ and it worked.

  24. Found a code that works, only $40 off but better than nothing. It should work for any certs from Salesforce and marketing cloud.

  25. Please share an active coupon code for PD1 certification exam. none of the coupon codes are working.
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0520SPGKTBZ (not active!)
    $100 off $200: SFAMERCERTDAYS0420200 (not active!)
    thank you in advance

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