What Are Super Messages?

A recent question on Salesforce StackExchange inspired this post to expand on defining Super Messages for Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Simply put, Super Messages can encompass any type of message sent to a customer from Salesforce Marketing Cloud. When you sign a contract with Salesforce, you are allotted a certain number of Super Messages.

Super Messages includes an email, a high priority email, a landing page impression, CloudPage impression, a Predictive Intelligence web or email impression, a push notification, or an SMS or MMS message. The number of Super Messages consumed per message varies by type of message.

In other words, everything that comes out of Salesforce Marketing Cloud including emails, SMS messages (messages sent out of the country have a multiplier added), MobilePush, and even page impressions on your CloudPages.

My response to the question Salesforce StackExchange was a bit tongue-in-cheek as Salesforce will find a way to charge you for using the Marketing Cloud platform. Below you’ll find how many Super Messages each type of message from Marketing Cloud consumes for subscriptions after October 15, 2019 and later.

Predictive Intelligence
• 1 Email Impression consumes 1 Super Message
• 1 Web Impression consumes 2 Super Messages

MobilePush Messages
• Each Alert consumes 1 Super Message
• Each Alert + CloudPage consumes 1 Super Message
• Each Inbox Only message consumes 1 Super Message
• Each In-App Message consumes 1 Super Message
• Each Alert + Inbox consumes 2 Super Messages*
• Each Badge App Icon added to an Inbox Only message consumes 1 Super Message
(in addition to the 1 Super Message consumed with each Inbox Only Message)

Email Messages
• 1 Email consumes 1 Super Message
• 1 High Priority Triggered Email consumes 4 Super Messages

Impressions & GroupConnect Messages
• 1 CloudPages Impression consumes 1 Super Message
• 1 Landing Page Impression consumes 1 Super Message
• 1 GroupConnect Reseller Message consumes 10 Super Messages
• 1 GroupConnect Transactional Message* consumes 3 Super Messages
• 4 Live Weather Block Impressions consume 1 Super Message
• 1 Einstein Content Selection Impression consumes 2 Super Messages
*A GroupConnect Transactional Message can be a LINE Message or a Facebook Message

SMS & MMS Messages
• The multiplier applied to each SMS/MMS message is determined by country destination for
each individual message sent according to the table below. Messages sent to countries not
listed in the table below are not supported and will be charged at a multiplier of 75.
o Customer will be charged for all outbound, mobile terminated (MT) SMS or MMS
messages, whether delivered or undelivered.
o Customer will not be charged for inbound, mobile originated (MO) SMS or MMS

SMS Multiplier for Super Messsages

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