Replace Function

The Replace function is a way of replacing characters in a string — similar to the ReplaceList function but applies to one string value. It allows you to search for string values and replace them with another string value. A good use case is to replace symbols with the ASCII code to escape it.



Replace (1,2,3)
1 = String value that you want to search and replace values in (can be a variable)
2 = Replacement string
3 = String used as replacement




var @emailaddress
set @emailaddress = “”
%%=Replace(@emailaddress, ‘+’, ‘+’)=%%




In the AMPscript above, first we are declaring the variables using the var function by using the email address. Then defining the @emailaddress variable with the string value for the email address we are using in this example.

We want to Replace function to escape out the + symbol as this can cause issues, i.e. when passing that value through a URL: “”. The Replace function looks for the + symbol and replaces it with “+” which is the ASCII version of the + symbol.

The output of that value is “” and renders correctly with the plus when outputted on to a Cloud page, for example.

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