Parameter Manager

If you are using Web Analytics Connector (WAC) to append ‘utm’ parameters to your links for Google Analytics or Google Analytics 360, Parameter Manager makes it easier to update any of the strings yourself without having to open up a support ticket every time.

Parameter Manager
Parameter Manager in Marketing Cloud

With the January 2020 latest release of Marketing Cloud, Parameter Manager makes it so much easier to set up or edit the tracking parameters that are appended to your links in Marketing Cloud. This makes it a whole lot easier for managing your tracking links without having to wait for support to get back to you. What used to take days can now take minutes. You may be too familiar with the whole charade:

  • Day 1: “Thank you for contacting Salesforce Marketing Cloud Support Team. I am ___ and have accepted ownership of your case.”
  • Day 2: “I’m happy to schedule a GoToMeeting for us to discuss more in detail”
  • Day 3: “I understand you would like to update your Web Analytics Connector settings”
  • Etc.

Now you can navigate to Parameter Manager by hovering over your username in the top-right hand corner and click “Setup.”

Under Setup, go into “Data Management” and you’ll see “Parameter Manager” at the bottom of that list under “Key Management.”

If you have Web Analytics Connector set up, then the screen will let you edit your tracking parameters like below:

Parameter Manager in SFMC
Parameter Manager in SFMC

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