Output Function

The Output function is used with other AMPscript functions like the V function where it returns the results of AMPscript code, but within a code block. Must use an AMPscript function within the Output function such as the Concat function.


For example, if you want to output within an AMPscript code block:


%%[ var @output
Set @output = ‘My output’
Output(v(@output)) ]%%



My Output


In this example, we have one AMPscript code block and can output the variable @output without having to close the AMPscript block. An example using a standalone V Function, the AMPscript block must be closed.

Note that you can replace the V Function with any other AMPscript function. A few more examples below:

More Examples:

A few more examples using the Output Function and the expected output.


%%[ var @output
Set @output = ‘1’
Output(Add(@output, 1)) ]%%




Using the Concat function


%%[ var @output
Set @output = ‘hello ‘
Output(Concat(@output, “there”)) ]%%



hello there

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