AttributeValue Function

The AttributeValue function returns the value of a subscriber attribute. This works similar to the RequestParameter function but AttributeValue works with personalization strings (i.e. _subscriberKey). Value cannot be null or empty. A practical use case is on CloudPages and with the CloudPagesURL function.

Example from Email:

For example, you have a link from an email to your CloudPage. We are sending to a subscriber with the subscriber key of “003j000000Tn3su.” Using the CloudPagesURL function, this passes the _subscriberkey value.


< a href="%%=RedirectTo(CloudPagesURL(12345))=%%">Click Here< /a>


Example on CloudPage:

On the CloudPage, we use the AttributeValue function to retrieve the value for _subscriberkey and set it as the @subscriberKey variable.


set @subscriberKey = AttributeValue(_subscriberKey)






The @subscriberKey variable in this example is a ContactId of “003j000000Tn3su” that we sent to in the email. The CloudPage picks up this value from the subscriber using the AttributeValue function and from the CloudPageURL function encrypted string.

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